Sherwood Park home
This Lakeland ridge home in Sherwood Park receives a much needed window upgrade. The old wooden windows were rotting and were starting to grow mold.
Lakeland Ridge home -Sherwood Park
Combination of picture and casement windows in this sherwood Park home * Triple Pane = warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and much quieter.
Lakeland ridge home- Sherwood park
Front Bay window. New Triple pane windows helps in reducing traffic noise.
Before Picture
Customer needed access to the back deck from the dining room. Replacing this old window with a Garden door would be a great solution. See next picture for the result.
After Picture
New Garden Door with built in blinds to replace existing window.
Original Door
Time for a new Door!!
Removal of old door
Complete door & frame removed - ready for new door!!
New Door installed
This factory painted black door adds beauty & security.
Sherwood park - Clover bar ranch
Customer needed more ventilation so Sherwood Windows & doors added this casement window.
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